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A Bark Above Training

Personalized in-home training for you and your dogs needs 

A Bark Above Training

In home consulation 

We are firm believers that an in-home consultation is necessary when signing up for our training program.


We want to meet you and your dog. We encourage all family members to be present at the consultation. We need to know how your dog is behaving in and out of your home. We need to see how your dog behaves around you and your family. Also we need to see what your dog does when someone new comes into their territory. 


Our consultation lasts between 45-60 minutes.

The cost is $50 (+tax). If you sign up for a training package the consultation fee comes off the package price. 


At Bark with Lark, our in-home consultation comes with no strings attached and there is no pressure to train with us. We simply want to meet you and your dog, and give you the opportunity to meet us. Our in-home consultation allows you to meet us, ask questions and know what you are getting into. That way you can decide if you want to move forward or not. 


To schedule an in-home consultation call us at 218-639-0134 and we will figure out the best day for our trainer to come out and meet you and your dog.


Because each dog is different, we approach each private training session based on your dog's temperament and what will work best for him and you. We customize all training packages to fit the dog's needs. 


One-on-one training will focus on the specific needs of your dog, from basic skills and leash walking to more serious reactivity.


After completing the training program we like to celebrate the achievement with graduation.


May differ due to training goals


105 Jackson Ave N

Ottertail MN 56571


(218) 639-0134



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